Is e-Listing Right for Your County?


From online shopping and banking to e-filing tax returns, the desire to use twenty-first century technology to conduct transactions online is a sentiment felt by consumers and taxpayers across the country – including those in your own taxing jurisdiction. This attraction to conducting business online is why an increasing number of NC tax offices are looking towards the more convenient option of offering electronic listing (e-Listing) services.

“This service saves taxpayers time and expense in the filing process,” according to Durham County’s website, where BPP online listing is already put to use. “The online listing application is easy to use as the text fields for information mirror the fields on the NC State form.” In addition, “taxpayers may also store data so that future listings will have previously entered information and only additions and deletions will need to be entered.”

Not only is e-Listing a convenient and time-saving solution for taxpayers, but counties that provide this service also offer their citizens the option to electronically request an extension on the listing period – creating even more flexibility and satisfaction among their taxpayers.

e-Listing Benefits for Taxpayers

As the convenience of online business turns mainstream, check out the list of ways e-Listing caters to your business taxpayers:

  • Free access
  • Secure database
  • No travel or waiting times
  • Automatic responses & confirmation of completed listings
  • Increased accuracy with prelisted information available
  • Personalized database of clients maintained within the system
  • Ability to enter multiple extension requests simultaneously

e-Listing Benefits for Tax Staff

When taxpayers are happy, your work-life is made easier. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that improving citizen satisfaction through free access to online listing services will, in turn positively affect the way you do business.

Check out the list of additional e-Listing benefits your tax office can enjoy below!

  • Automatic uploads into your county’s existing database
  • Reduced paper and mailing costs
  • Less time processing paperwork
  • Shorter waiting lines in your office
  • Less re-keying of data & reduced keying errors
  • Increased  input value efficiency
  • A secure database of information
  • Increased accuracy year to year

Ideas that reduce your workload and improve taxpayer services are hard to come by, but e-Listing may just be one of those rarities.

For more information on the North Carolina Electronic Listing and Requirements as established by the NCDOR, click here.

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