Establish a Relationship with Your Local LPA

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As taxpayers arrive at their local License Plate Agency (LPA) to pay their first combined tag and tax bill, payment questions are bound to arise – especially for those who are not accustomed to paying their motor vehicle tax on time.

LPA staff members who are not trained in the areas of property tax assessment may have a difficult time explaining how military exemptions, vehicle condition, antique status, and high mileage can factor into the overall value of the total tax amount due.

When these questions arise, it is important that the LPA offices in your jurisdiction have a primary contact to reach out to in your tax office. This will ensure a more positive experience and impression of both your tax office and the new vehicle tax system.

It’s important to note that while the STARS system contains the main contact line for your county, this may not be the best option for a quick resolution of a taxpayer concern, especially if your voice service greets callers with an endless array of departments and directories.

The NCDOR recommends, instead, that you build a relationship with your local LPA. Provide them with the direct line to an individual in your office who has been appointed as the go-to person available to respond to all things “Tag and Tax” related – without having to go through a recording or reaching a voicemail.

This same line can be offered to those making payments at the LPA, who have questions about their tax bill, but do not require immediate assistance. Handing over a direct line to a live person will assist in putting taxpayers at ease.

Establishing relationships with your local LPA and providing easy-to-reach contacts will go a long way in helping taxpayers through the adoption of the new Tag and Tax system.

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  1. Can you please add the process for bankruptcy explaining the difference in post and pre petition and what the process should be. I can’t find any reference to it under the VTS section. I was looking for the document when VTS went live in 2013 that reviewed it but I am unable to find here.

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