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As the first combined notices are received this month, it will become even more important to effectively communicate the changes this notice brings about to the registered motor vehicle owners in your county.

Follow these quick tips to ensure a smooth transition for your county’s taxpayers.

Utilize Tag & Tax Together Advertising Material

The official NCDMV website is full of useful Tag & Tax Together material. But, your county tax office is likely the first stop for taxpayers looking for information on changes to their vehicle tax bill.

Cut down on office calls and questions by hosting the DMV provided materials on your site and by placing the information in a convenient, easy-to-access location in your office.

Include the following:

Promote the Vehicle Property Tax Estimator Tool

The Vehicle Property Tax Estimator tool has been released to the public to help vehicle owners, car dealers, and those who register their vehicles online to estimate their tax liability.  It works by calculating the property tax for individual vehicles based on their identification (including the VIN number, make, body style, and age) and the tax rate using the situs address.

Use this tool to your advantage and recommend it when assisting drivers in estimating and computing their vehicle property tax prior to the new bill arriving.

Include Advertising Materials in all County Correspondence

Include an insert or brochure that details the Tag & Tax Together Program changes and where to go online to find out more information with every correspondence letter and document that taxpayers in your jurisdiction receive.

Be sure to emphasize the positives of the combined payment. This includes boosting local revenues, streamlining the payment process of government fees, eliminating a step from government interactions, and reducing the current county costs of tax collection.

Also, be sure that the revised starting dates for receiving the combined notice are reflected in all of the advertising materials that are disbursed.

*For soft copies of additional advertising materials, contact the NCDMV: (919) 814-1779.

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