NCVTS Celebrates Two Important Milestones

ncvts celebrates

NCVTS celebrated some important milestones over the past two weeks, the completion of the NCVTS Training Seminars and the completion of NCVTS Data Validation.

Over the course of five weeks (beginning February 11th), 302 county tax office staff, representing all 100 NC counties, successfully completed the NCVTS training seminars in ten different locations around the state. During the two-day training seminars, county tax office staff got a first-hand look at the new vehicle tax system and learned the basics of processing vehicle records.

When asked to rate their confidence in using the system after attending the NCVTS Training Seminar, 9 out of 10 attendees said they were confident that they would be able to use NCVTS successfully.

As one trainee put it, “I thought the training went very, very well. <The trainers> were extremely knowledgeable about the topics and the NCVTS system. There was lots of time to ask questions and to review, and class participation was encouraged. The trainers went out of their way to make us feel comfortable with the system. Great Job!”

One of the most prevalent comments received during training was the need for more hands-on practice with NCVTS before it goes live. Farragut has since scheduled four NCVTS Module 2 Practice sessions between March 18th and March 27th. Each session lasts two days and gives participants the opportunity to practice the skills they learned in Module 2 of the NCVTS County User Training Guide.

Additional practice sessions will be scheduled in April to cover the billing functions in NCVTS.

Data validation was another important milestone reached Friday of last week. Data for all 100 counties is now loaded into NCVTS. 98 counties participated in one of 8 data validation sessions held between February 19th and March 15th. The data validation sessions gave participating counties a sneak peek at their vehicle data as it will appear in NCVTS and a chance to proactively identify and correct problems in their data before the system goes live.

During the course of the data validation sessions, many county participants had questions about how their data appeared. So, Farragut’s training team partnered with Tina Stone from the Department of Revenue to provide a special Q&A session on data validation March 20th.

With just seven business days to go before NCVTS goes live, much has already been accomplished during this historic partnership between state government, county government, and software vendor. All of the preparation, cooperation, and participation will deliver theirs rewards April 1st.

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