5 Things You Should Do BEFORE You Call Your Power User

5 things

You are sure to have questions as you become familiar with using NCVTS. But, before you pick up the phone to call your local Power User, try these trouble-shooting steps first.

  1. Start by reviewing your NCVTS Training Guide

The training guide provides you with diagrams, data processes, and tips for understanding and navigating NCVTS. This handy guide combines the expertise from the NCDOR Training Team with the developers who designed the system to give you easy-to-follow steps for completing your most common business processes.

  1. Next, seek help from your fellow motor vehicle specialists within your office

The tax professionals working closely with you are often your best source of information. You may have an answer that they are looking for, and vice versa, so turn to those closest to you in order to come up with the right answers together, and you will often learn more in the process.

  1. Then, check out the NCVTS Customer Portal

The NCVTS Customer Portal will be your one one-stop site where you can access community forums, ask questions, read support documentation,  add suggestions, watch recorded webinars, and more! Plus, all 23 power users and the DOR Support Team will be monitoring the Ask a Question forum to answer your questions!

You can search, using keywords, on the topics that you are having trouble with and, more than likely, your questions will have already been asked and answered in the Ask a Question forum.

The NCVTS Customer Portal goes live on April 8th and we are hosting a webinar introducing the ins and outs of this site, and how to use it to meet your NCVTS needs.

  1. Review information from a related webinar on the NCVTS Customer Portal

Accessing recorded NCVTS Webinars on topics that you need extra help with, will allow you to review the material with a step-by-step walk through of the system right there on your screen! This is a great resource to answer many NCVTS questions that arise while working in the new system.

  1. Lastly, make sure you visit the Farragut Learning Center

Farragut’s Learning Center is the brand new hub for all property tax related info. Here you’ll find NCVTS resources, access to our monthly newsletter and blog articles, and numerous other tools.

Our NL and blog articles are packed full of tips and advice from your local property tax leaders and provide you with information and templates specific to North Carolina that will make your work life easier. You will also find copies of materials you received in training, including the NCVTS Quick Reference Guide.

If after trying these suggestions, your question hasn’t been answered, you should contact one of the Power Users within your Regional Tax Association area. The Power User you contact will then be glad to help you get the NCVTS answers you are looking for.

Please do remember that NCVTS Power Users are a great source of information and are on hand, ready and willing to help you when you get stuck while working within NCVTS. However, with 100 counties in NC using this system, and only 23 Power Users, we hope that you’ll first consider the alternate options mentioned above.

*To better assist you in getting your issues resolved, it is highly recommended that you follow this NCVTS User Support guide create by the NCDOR.

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