How NC Counties Are Increasing Revenue Without Raising Taxes

increase revenue

Many county officials are pushing to update their property tax systems in an effort to improve their revenue and make their counties more efficient.

Not only do new property tax systems save government employees time and help garner more revenue, they also improve citizen relationships with local governments.

Find out how simply updating your property tax system can help make your county a shining example for others to follow:

1. Eliminate Wasted Time, Effort, & Resources

If your county is using an outdated property tax system, or worse – still relying on paper – seemingly simple tasks can take 2-3 people several hours or even days to complete. Thanks to the automation that most modern property tax systems offer, those same tasks can now be completed in a fraction of the time. Tax office staff is then freed up to focus more on the revenue generating activities that can often be overlooked.

2. Increase Tax Collections

Discovering unlisted and therefore untaxed property is a crucial activity in your local tax department.  Unfortunately, many tax offices get bogged down with other necessary, but less revenue-producing tasks. That’s why many counties turn to a new property tax system to automate the time-consuming tasks that hold their staff back from this critical revenue-generating activity. The end result is often a more complete picture of your property tax opportunities, and more revenue. Some counties report as much as a 2% increase in revenue after modernizing their property tax system.

3. Improve Citizen Satisfaction

All too often, inadequate software makes it impossible for your local tax department to resolve taxpayers’ issues quickly and citizens end up waiting days or weeks for answers to simple questions. Counties who switch to an integrated property tax system are finding that their citizens are better served and more confident in their county administration. Features like a self-service website portal allow taxpayers to get quick answers to their questions. Plus, easy to navigate screens and interdepartmental integrations allow tax office staff to quickly and easily access the necessary information should a taxpayer call or stop by the tax office with a question.

4. New Systems Often Pay For Themselves

Investing in an updated property tax system in this economy is actually a wise investment for county leaders. Counties not only save time and money through automation, they also see their property tax base and property tax collection rate increase thanks to better reporting features and simpler mechanisms that ensure that every tax bill gets paid. Due to the amount of revenue collected and time saved, new systems actually end up paying for themselves, and then some.

County officials are learning that by simply updating their property tax system, their jurisdictions can increase revenue, better allocate their staff’s time, and improve citizen satisfaction.

Ready to explore the opportunities a new property tax system could offer your county? Learn more about the North Carolina Property Tax System.

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