4 (More) Savvy Strategies to Bolster NC Property Tax Collections


In last week’s blog post, I outlined some tried and true collection techniques. This week we will explore four more ways to help you boost your NC property tax collection rates.

Implement Detailed Tracking

If you aren’t regularly following up with taxpayers who have opted for payment plans or with financial institutions and employers related to delinquent taxpayers, chances are you are missing out on a chunk of revenue.

It is important to schedule regular follow-ups and reviews of both payment plans and attachments and garnishments to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. There are software programs, such as NCPTS, that can make keeping tabs on payments much simpler. Whether you have one of these systems or whether you are still keeping paper trails, it is a good idea to manually review both payment plans and attachments and garnishments periodically.

Zero in on Opportunity

If you have limited resources to deploy for your collection efforts, you’re not alone. Many tax offices are simply understaffed, so it is important to prioritize your NC property tax collection efforts by the amount owed. Accounts that stand to bring in a larger chunk of revenue will offer more in return for your time and effort.

Ensure Accuracy

Mistakes cause delays. If the listings that you send to taxpayers are inaccurate, you will only delay the money coming in the door, so be sure to check, check, and recheck to ensure accuracy on any taxpayer communication.

Image Documents

The ability to easily pull up tax bills and communications when a taxpayer calls or visits your office is key to efficient and effective property tax collection. So, consider attaching images or PDF files to your taxpayer records to ensure that you’ll be able to easily call up any necessary information. NCPTS is one property tax system that offers this functionality to its users.

For more information to help you maximize your NC property tax collections, be sure to read 3 Smart Tips for Maximizing NC Property Tax Collections.

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