3 Smart Tips for Maximizing NC Property Tax Collections

3 smart tips


Whether your county is one of those struggling or one that is riding high in the 90s, I don’t know of many that couldn’t use the revenue generated from an extra 1-2% increase in those rates.

So, as June 30th once again approaches, maximize your NC property tax collections with these tips from the pros.

Begin Early

Most professional debt collectors will tell you that beginning your NC property tax collections early is the most important thing that you can do to ensure success. While it is too late for this year, this tip should be top of mind as you head into July.

Communicate Clearly

Local governments are statutorily required to provide taxpayers with various notifications related to NC property tax collections. Even so, taking extra steps to make sure your message is communicated clearly can go a long way towards evoking a prompt response.

Here are a few tips to guarantee the taxpayer gets your intended message:

  • Put the due date or respond by date in the headline section of your letter or notification and bold it throughout your document.
  • Don’t forget the power of your P.S. Experts agree that this is the most read portion of any letter, so use it to your advantage by including brief instructions and a reiteration of the deadline.
  • Make your envelope stand out. Consider stamping or printing a respond by date or the word URGENT on the outside of the envelope. This alone can increase the chances that your NC property tax communications get opened and read immediately.
  • Make sure your letter is clear and easy to understand. Provide instructions in a bulleted list and underline key parts of the letter such as consequences and impending actions.
  • Finally, do a quick read-through before sending your letter. Most people skim rather than read. So, skim your letter or notice, paying attention only to headlines, bolded items, and bulleted points. If you can still get the intended message from only these parts, you have a letter that is likely to get results.

Nurture Relationships

If you have a few primary banks or employers in your county or municipality, be sure to maintain good relationships with these institutions so that when it comes time to issue attachments and garnishments you’ll have a better chance of garnering cooperation.

Keep these key tips in mind as you prepare to wrap up your NC property tax collections for this year and be sure to check back next week for three more collection-maximizing strategies.

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