Got an Enterprise Repository? Great! Now What?

From my earlier posts, you heard me discuss (a.k.a., rant) about the importance of enterprise repositories for managing critical information. In short, instead of storing the same information in multiple vertical applications, store and manage the data centrally.

But … this is only part of the solution. Some of the more advanced customers that we work with have already seen the benefit of enterprise repositories and are already moving in that direction. My response is typically “Great!!” But … this is typically followed at some later date by: “Have you thought about how you’re going to share that information with other downstream applications and/or users?”

An individual department, for example, may create an enterprise addressing repository but the tax department still manages their own addresses. What happens if the tax office makes a change to an address? Does the GIS repository know about it, and if so, how much manual effort is involved with making this change available to others?

Another typical example is that when a new plan is approved, often the next step is issuing addresses and building permits. The question is: How soon will that information be available to other departments, such as E911?

The key to all this is not just to create and manage information centrally but to be able to create the facilities to share those addresses with other applications.

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