The Enterprise Addressing Nightmare Sound Familiar?

Scott Black, the GIS manager for Burke County, N.C., was interviewed for the article based on our press release announcing the County’s purchase of FARRAGUT AddressOne. The article reads: “New technology will make it faster and easier to find and create addresses in Burke County.” Pretty cool! It was neat to see a newspaper write about the issues of addressing in local government.

Burke County had been maintaining its addresses for many years on three separate systems: paper maps, on an old mainframe computer system and in a GIS system, a process Scott called “a management nightmare.” Every time a change was rolled out it had to be updated in all three systems. Sound familiar?

It seems like every city and every county that we work with struggles to maintain addressing data across multiple departments. Often, I ask the question: “How many addressing databases do you currently have within the city/county?” A lot of folks don’t know exactly, but estimate somewhere between 10-20 different addressing databases. A friend of mine, who also happens to be a county tax administrator in North Carolina, quickly answered 25 (he had actually counted them). I’m sure this number varies widely, but most often we see addresses stored in multiple systems, in multiple departments, and managed by multiple people. As Scott called it “…a management nightmare.”

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